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Devoted to Serve Pilgrims To Amarnath Yatra

 But it  is a fact that 

" Servers are Born not Made"

'To Serve' or 'To Help others' is something which is an inbuilt element of humanity. It can be expressed  in many and  Innumerable forms viz. serving the nation, serving the handicapped, Serving the poor, serving the pilgrims etc.

It is with this spirit only that the trustees of this organisation who were serving people informally through association with different Non-Government Charitable Organisations since last two decades  felt the necessity to establish a formal organisation with a defined motive . The 1996  tragedy which cost lives of numberless pilgrims marching towards the Holy Cave became the cause of  immediate motivation. As a matter of fact most of the trustees were also performing the yatra when the 1996 tragedy took place. The spirit to serve the yatris got  strengthened with more vigour after  facing  the terrible conditions & circumstances by the now trust members along with the other yatris . 
So it was  in 1997 that the  members who were scattered, finally united under  the banner "Bhole Bhandari Sewa Sangathan". In 1999 this took the shape of "Bhole Bhandari Charitable Trust (Regd.)" and is now serving under the guidance of Mr. Rajan Gupta with whole hearted support from members.

Visiting Amaranth Ji, a Holy Cave, which in itself arouse a divine spirit among the yatris, is certainly like attaining ‘Moksha’, in real terms. The yatris have to under go difficulties and tantrums during the Yatra / pilgrimage. There number  is   growing   every year . The trust took a decision  to help  the Yatris / pilgrims  in their problems, that too, totally free of cost. Some of the services rendered by the Trust, for general information is listed below :

1.  Arranging Community Kitchens totally free of cost to the pilgrims. 

So far, the trust has performed community kitchens at the following places:

1997 – Chandanwadi  & Panchtarni.
1998 – Baltal.
1999 – Baltal & Panchtarni.
2000 – Panchtarni & Baltal.
2001 – Panchtarni & Baltal.
2002 – Panchtarni & Baltal.
2003 – Panchtarni & Baltal.

2004 – Panchtarni & Baltal.
2005 – Panchtarni & Baltal.

2006 – Panchtarni & Baltal.
2007 – Panchtarni & Baltal.
2008 – Panchtarni & Baltal.
2009 – Panchtarni & Baltal.

2010 – Panchtarni & Baltal.
2011 – Panchtarni & Baltal.
2012 – Panchtarni & Baltal.

2013 – Panchtarni & Baltal.

2014 – Panchtarni & Baltal.
2015 – Panchtarni.

2016 – Panchtarni.
2017 – Panchtarni.

2018 – Will be at Panchtarni.   
2020 – Will be at Panchtarni.                                                       

2.  Providing tented accomodation along with all necessary amenities viz. blankets, general medicines etc. to all the pilgrims.

3.  To provide and furnish full information about the  Amarnath Yatra.

4.  Taking up the Grievances / Complaints of the pilgrims along with constructive suggestions with the State / Central govt. at the highest level. Grievances / Complaints

And many more…..


BHOLE BHANDARI CHARITABLE TRUST (REGD.) is planning to construct concrete / rain / snow shelter halls and separate toilets for Ladies & Gents at Chandanwari, Baltal & Panchtarni.


The Trust, contributed a sum of Rs. 31,000/-  (Rupees Thirty one Thousand only) towards PRIME-MINISTER’S RELIEF FUND and also helped Para Military forces by providing them food-packets and by boosting their morale during Kargil war in 1999 and is firmly dedicated to the service of the nation in all ways it can. 
The Trust contributed a sum of Rs. 21000/- (Rupees Twenty one Thousand  only) towards the PRIME MINISTER RELIEF FUND for the victims of Gujrat Earthquake.

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