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Kasi Tour Package Varanasi Tour Packages from Chennai Kasi, Haridwar, Rishikesh Yatra by Tour from Chennai.

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Kasi tour package | Book Kashi Pilgrimage Tour from Coimbatore | Coimbatore – Kasi (Varanasi) flight tour package.

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KASI Tour Package Bangalore, Kasi Yatra package Flight Kasi Varanasi Flight Package Bangalore.

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Kashi Varanasi Yatra Packages


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Kashi Yatra Packages :

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Some data are available about Kasi Yatra in the literature; mainly the internet: but, I could not get a detailed information on the subject. The available data are inadequate, because, several questions remain unanswered. A number of readers have given brief info on some aspects of the Yatra; while others have given on some other aspects. But, comprehensive information covering all essential aspects of the Yatra is not available in the literature: mainly, the net. This is perhaps because, one has to spend considerable amount of time for a detailed write-up. I have spent about ten days in collating the information based on my own travel and experience. Before emabarking on Kasi Yatra, one must be familiar with terms like: Triveni Sangam, Manikarnika Ghats, Veni Daan, Akshaya Vada, Vishnu Paad, Gaya Shrardham, Ganga Aarti, Kasi Vishwanath, Annapoorna, etc. I hope this write-up would be useful to the pilgrims who contemplate  Kasi Yatra in the near future.

Kasi Rameswaram Yatra Procedure :

  • Anyone born as a Hindus will want to go to Kasi Pilgrimage at least once in life. This is why the term “kasipaarayam” comes to pass.
  • Kasi yatra is the beginning of Rameswaram and must be completed again in Rameswaram. With the growing availability of transport today, everybody has to take the Kanciperiyavar journey,”he said.
  • He made a pilgrimage to Kasi in 1933, long before he made this statement. The Swami’s age was 39. He made the pilgrimage without any vehicle. Maha Periya made this pilgrimage to insist that we should all go to Kasi and worship the Kasi devotees.
  • Kasi Yatra is a magnificent pilgrimage connecting the North and South. Rameshwaram pilgrimage to the north, kasi pilgrimage to the south. There are some procedures for taking the Kashi pilgrimage. So, let’s take a look at the features that the Kashi pilgrims should take note of.
  • The pilgrims who want to go to Kasi Yatra will not complete the pilgrimage by going to Kasi. Rameshwaram is the holy place that must first be visited by those who wish to visit Kasi.
  • Rameshwaram Agni Theertham is to be drowned in the sea three times after drowning. You have to take a handle of sand every time.
  • Make the first handle of the soil, the name ‘Sethu Madhava Lingam’, the second handle is the name ‘Bindu Madhava Lingam’, the third handle is the name ‘Venu Madhava Lingam’ and the three lingas are to be worshiped on the headpiece leaf. Once the pooja is done, Bindu Madhava Lingam and Venu Madhava Lingam should be left in the sea.
  • Sethu Madhava Lingam should be taken care of. Then give the ancestors, etc. After giving, take a dip in the tirthas in the Ramanathaswamy temple. Take the tirtha in a can from the kodi tirtha and secure it.
  • Ramanathaswamy is appealing to his hometown and can take the Kanciperiyavar journey. If you cannot go to Kasi immediately, you will have to perform Sethu lingam and kodi tirtha in the temple and perform daily pooja. Seth Lingam and Kodi Tirtha have to be taken while leaving Kasi.
  • During the Kashi pilgrimage, one must first go to Prayag known as Allahabad. In the Triveni Sangam there, we had to dissolve the Sethu Madhava lingam.
  • After this we must go to Kasi and worship the Kasi Vishwanath by worshiping the Kodi Tirtha which we have brought in the river. Then go to the temples of Annapoorni and Visalakshi and worship the last Paira and go to Gaya.
  • Our ancestors in Gaya must do the proper things. After that, come back to Kasi and worship Gisi Viswanatha underwater in the Ganges. Then come back to Prayag and take home the Ganges Tirtha in a can.
  • Then when we leave Rameshwaram and go to Rameshwaram and anoint him with the water of the Ganges, our kasiatriya ends.
  • With this, all the doshas including Pitru Dosha are removed and life is always full of happiness.